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Certified Spray Tan Artist

Bronze Me Baby is located in Allen, Texas and is a certified spray tan artist.  She provides mobile spray tans that service the DFW area, spray tan parties, wedding/bridal party tans, or you can come to our beautiful spa room for your personalized spray tan service. 

and Aftercare Information

  • Pre-Appointment Information - Pedicures, nails, massages, and waxing need to be done 24 hours prior to your spray tan.   Come showered.  Exfoliated.  No deodorant.  No make-up.  Shaved wherever you shave.  Please do all of these listed at least 4 hours prior to your appointment.  The day before is ideal.  
  • Shaving Information - Razor moisturizing strips can cause streaking on your legs because it acts as a barrier to the solution, so be sure to shave the day before and wipe your legs down with a damp towel really well afterward.
  • Classic 8-hour Sunless Post Spray Tan Information - Do not rinse for 8-12 hours after your tan.
  • Jet-setter Rapid Sunless Post Spray Tan Information - Rapids are a 1-4 hour rinse. 1-2 hours for a light color.  2-3 for a medium and leave it on for 4-5 for a dark tan.
  • Post Spray Tan Aftercare Information - After the rinse, do not apply any lotions or anything.  Because your spray tan will continue to develop for the next 10-12 hours. Then you can wash and lotion as normal.  If you apply any lotions or soaps after the first rinse it will block the DHA from further developing your tan.  Lotions without sulfates, chemicals, scents, or alcohols are your best friend.  These will keep you from fading like a crocodile and make your tan last longer.  The same rules apply for shower gels.  Bath & Body Works is the worst for your tan.  After bathing or showering pat dry.  Do not rub your skin with your towel.  Just think of your skin as a piece of wood or a dresser you would want to paint.  It would need to be sanded to get the best paint adhesion.  Your skin is the same with a spray!  The cleaner the more flawless the tan!
  • Arrival Information - Text me when you arrive.  You can come tan in your birthday suit or whatever you wish.  Panties.  Bikini (if you are ok w tan lines)
  • Payment Information - I accept Venmo and cash. 

Our Contacts


1322 Waterdown Drive, Allen, TX  75013

Phone (Call or Text):

+1 (972) 571 5676